I’ve been in love with pickled onions since I was a child — I hid jars under my bed and ate them before I went to sleep. At family gatherings I’d fill my plate with them and sit in a corner eating, then convince others to pile extra on their plate, all for me.

I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect pickled onion my whole life, and in the end I decided to make them myself. I held pickled onion tasting parties where serious pickled onion fans could indulge their obsession — huge jars would be emptied in one night.

I’d been giving them to friends and family as Christmas presents for years, and was eventually convinced that they had to be sold. And so, in October 2013, Auntie Caroline’s Pickled Onions went on sale in Cirencester, and started flying off the shelves.

My onions really are the best you will ever get — unlike other onions, mine are made with a blend of vinegars. They are always crunchy, and ready to eat within a week. The longer you leave them, the hotter they will be, but they tend not to last very long. Highly addictive, many of my customers can eat the whole jar in one sitting. And then call me for more. The onions have been featured on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet and the Yorkshire Tea’s Great Cricket Tea Challenge — go to YouTube to see Michael Vaughan’s reaction after eating one of my pickled onions.

I now pickle eggs, shallots, gherkins, silverskins, red onions, garlic, red cabbage, and even Brussels sprouts!

And I have a wide range of chutneys too. And a few jams. Unlike other preserves that seem to blend all the ingredients into mush, I like to taste exactly what’s in a preserve, feel the different textures, and get several sensations in one mouthful. My ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible, and I don’t add any preservatives, flavourings, or colourings. And they contain very little sugar. I have a range of gluten-free pickles and chutneys too. I’m always coming up with new recipes.

I now supply around 60 different outlets in The Cotswolds, and some
as far north as Cumbria, and as far south as Devon. And you can find me regularly at Cirencester Markets, as well as other markets, special events, and tasting days.

Auntie Caroline