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I do a lot of different things, not just pickles! My pickle fans want to know about my books, readers of one book want to know about the other books, English teacher friends want to know about publishing in Japan, UK friends want to know about working in Tokyo, Tokyo friends want to know about tsunami survivors, Japan friends want to know about the pickles … it goes on and on!

So every now and then (no more than once a week, and in all honesty more likely once a month), I send out a little newsletter, which may include things like:

  • What I’m writing
  • What I’m reading
  • Calls for book reviewers
  • Upcoming speaking engagements
  • Giveaways (books or pickles, most likely!)
  • Ways to support survivors of the Japanese tsunami
  • New pickle, chutney, or jam lines for Auntie Caroline’s
  • Resources for educators with a relevance to or interest in Japan
  • Musings on things that I care about: friendships/relationships/aunties and their nieces and nephews/entrepreneurship/life after stroke/domestic abuse. Or perhaps something in the news, or events or products that have caught my eye.

If you’d like to sign up (you can opt out at any time and your information will not be shared with anybody else) see below. And you’re welcome to email me at

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