“We used Auntie Caroline for our corporate gifts last Christmas. Our customers remarked on them as being “the best pickled onions they’d ever tasted.” We had an issue whereby the carriers smashed some of the contents, but Caroline acted immediately and sent out very generous replacements. Everyone was thrilled, including me! Caroline goes one step further with her customer service and her homemade products are of incredible quality. I regularly sit and eat an entire jar of shallots with a spoon! I am incredibly impressed with this new company and Caroline deserves every possible accolade.” Emily Wright, Managing Director, Safety First Manufacturing, Plymouth

“Auntie Caroline’s pickled onions make me lose all sense of manners as I find myself submerging my whole hand into the jar to grab the last ones (yes, I often eat the whole jar). The pickled eggs — oh, how to stop? It’s impossible. My mouth is watering writing this right now. And the chutneys! The Amazing Ale with a bit of cheese — oh there goes the hunger pangs! Will it be the Precious Plum or Amorous Apple with my dinner tonight? They are both so unbelievably delicious I’ll have to have both. If I make it to morning, I will absolutely be indulging in my other favourite, Bloody Mary Chutney — with eggs and sausage, it is breakfast perfection. Auntie Caroline, you make eating a comfort and an adventure.” — Jim, Oxford

“I’ve been a passionate Auntie Caroline fan since the first time I held a “Cheese and Chutney” party (with obligatory wine also!). My friends and I excitedly got stuck into Auntie Caroline’s various samples of pickles, chutneys, piccalilli and onions, and I can honestly say, we loved them all and have been regular customers ever since. Auntie Caroline’s chutneys are consistently good, taste delicious, excellent value, and are really versatile. I’ve eaten them with cheese, meats, burgers, English breakfasts, and curries. Her pickled onions have been described by many as “the best EVER” — even my husband eats them, previously confessing to hating pickled onions before! Another absolute favourite in our house is the Lovely Lime Pickle, which I only have to think about and I start to salivate. I am looking forward to tasting more delicious and innovative new lines that Caroline will be working on in the future.” — Sarah, Plymouth

“I have a complaint! When I finished the jar of Shockingly-Good Shallots, I drank some of the vinegar and threw the rest away! It was only when I looked at your website this morning that I saw your ‘top tip’ about using it as the base for a salad dressing. Doh! My complaint? Haven’t got one, it was just my little joke! Your lime pickle is fabulous, so much nicer than you get in the supermarkets and restaurants. They are very harsh, yours is more mellow. I’ve really enjoyed your red cabbage, a taste from my childhood has returned!” — Bill, Chippenham

“I fell in love with Auntie Caroline’s pickled onions and chutneys so much when I visited Cirencester, I returned home to Ireland with 30 jars! Needless to say, I now have my Dublin friends hooked on pickled onions, so I will need to make a trip back to England soon to replenish my supplies! A full English breakfast no longer seems complete without Bloody Mary Chutney. It truly is spectacular!” Heath, Dublin