Mail Order

Now available, in response to popular demand! Order a selection of Auntie Caroline’s pickles and chutneys to be delivered anywhere in the UK. Choose from one of two options:

  • £30 box of 6 x 16oz jars of pickles (includes £10 secure packing and delivery by courier)
  • £50 box of 12 x 200g jars of pickles/chutneys/jams/marmalade (includes £10 secure packing and delivery by courier)

Please note that boxes have been specifically designed to ensure that the jars arrive in perfect condition, and as such, you cannot mix jars from the £30 box with jars from the £50 box as they are different sizes. Thank you for your understanding!

The £30 box can include: Pickled Onions, Pickled Onion Wedges, Pickled Onion Rings, Pickled Eggs, Raunchy Red Cabbage, Beautiful Beetroot, Pretty Pickled Peppers, or Sweet Pickled Red Onions.

The £50 box can include: Shockingly Good Shallots, Glorious Gherkins, Sassy Silverskins, Green Pickled Garlic, Cheek-Burning Chillies, Luscious Lemons, Amorous Apple, Precious Plums, Naughty Nectarine, Gorgeous Gooseberry, Perky Port & Cranberry, Ravishing Red Onion, Fabulous Farmhouse, Amazing Ale, Marvellous Mango, Giggly Garlic, Terrific Tomato, Posh Piccalilli, Pickled Onion Chutney, Bloody Mary Chutney, Lovely Lime Pickle, Cheek-Burning Chilli Chutney, Seasonal Jam, Four Fruits Marmalade, Cheek-Warming Chilli Jam.

Email with the following information:

  1. Whether you want the £30 (6 jars) or £50 (12 jars) box
  2. Which 6 or 12 jars you ideally want (if any items are not in stock then Auntie Caroline will put another item in its place.)
  3. Your name (and if it is a gift, the name of the recipient)
  4. Delivery address
  5. Your phone number
  6. An email address to which a Paypal payment request can be sent (you do not need to actually be signed up with Paypal in order to pay)
  7. How you heard about Auntie Caroline

After placing your order you will receive a payment request via Paypal.

Thank you!