16oz jars (pickles)
Pickled Onions (also available in half-gallon jars)
Pickled Onion Wedges
Pickled Onion Rings
Pickled Eggs (also available in half-gallon jars)
Sweet Pickled Red Onions (also available in half-gallon jars)
Raunchy Red Cabbage
Banging Brussels (TM)
Beautiful Beetroot
Pretty Pickled Peppers

300g jars (pickles)
Wonderful Walnuts

200g jars (pickles)
Shockingly Good Shallots
Glorious Gherkins
Green Pickled Garlic
Sassy Silverskins
Cheek-Burning Chillies

200g jars (chutneys)
Amorous Apple
Precious Plums
Naughty Nectarine
Gorgeous Gooseberry
Perky Port & Cranberry
Ravishing Red Onion
Fabulous Farmhouse
Amazing Ale
Marvellous Mango
Giggly Garlic
Terrific Tomato
Posh Piccalilli
Lovely Lime Pickle
Bloody Mary Chutney
Cheek-Burning Chilli Chutney

200g jars (sweet things)
Cotswold Honey
Deliciously Decadent Strawberry Jam
Deliciously Decadent Plum Jam
Deliciously Decadent Gooseberry Jam
Deliciously Decadent Apricot Jam (new line)
Four-Fruits Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade
Cheek-Warming Chilli Jam

200g jars (other products)
Luscious Lemons
Mouthwatering Mint Sauce
Deliciously Decadent Cranberry Sauce

Note: the Deliciously Decadent Range are jams or sauces that would usually be made simply with fruit and sugar but Auntie Caroline has fun with them by adding all sorts of interesting things like vinegar, alcohol, herbs, and spices yet also making them with a reduced sugar content to normal jams.