16oz jars of pickles
THE BEST PICKLED ONIONS EVER! Traditional pickled onions made with a blend of different vinegars. ALWAYS crunchy! They start off sweet and then surprise you with a kick. Eat with anything. Or on their own. Or straight from the jar while wandering around the high street shopping like one bloke in Cirencester did. As well as the usual jars, they come in half-gallon “Flatulent Family-Size” jars — the equivalent of seven jars’ worth. One for every day of the week : ) NOTE: when pickling onions are out of season you can substitute them for PICKLED ONION RINGS or PICKLED ONION WEDGES, both in the same delicious vinegar blend.

PICKLED EGGS These are made with a blend of different vinegars, and just enough sugar to take away the harshness I usually find that most pickled eggs have. Lovely in a salad or with fish and chips, or stuck in a bag of crisps. Come in the regular sized jars, and also come in half-gallon size jars, which contain 35 medium-sized free range eggs. Popular with customers who are looking for a healthy snack.

NEW LINE! BANGING BRUSSELS Yes you read right, these are pickled Brussel sprouts! Auntie Caroline made them for a joke and assumed that they’d taste horrible and nobody would buy them but they’d make people laugh, and they DID make people laugh! And they unexpectedly taste BEAUTIFUL so she’s had to make more, and ran a competition on Facebook for fans to choose the name. But don’t eat a whole jar in one go … these little guff grenades will lose you friends.

SWEET PICKLED RED ONIONS Chunks of red onion in a sweet vinegar blend. Eat from the jar, grill them on the barbecue, or bake in the oven to add to your roast dinner or a Mediterranean dish. GLUTEN FREE. Also available in half-gallon jars.

BEAUTIFUL BEETROOT Sweet and tangy pickled beetroot with a little bit of a kick. Lovely with salads or on cheese sandwiches. GLUTEN FREE

RAUNCHY RED CABBAGE Thinly sliced red cabbage with just a little red onion, and pickled in red wine and a blend of vinegars. Eat with a Ploughman’s, cold meats, or heat the entire contents of the jar and serve with a Sunday roast. Converts those who claim not to like pickled red cabbage. YUMMY!

PRETTY PICKLED PEPPERS Strips of sweet red peppers, pickled in a blend of vinegars and spices. Eat on their own as a healthy snack, or add to a salad or a stir-fry. Note: red pepper have become really expensive so this line is not available at the moment. Bear with me while I try to source them from an alternative supplier or keep your fingers crossed that they become more affordable!

200ml jars of pickles
SHOCKINGLY GOOD SHALLOTS Shallots pickled in balsamic vinegar. These are slightly sweeter than traditional pickled onions and highly addictive! When you’ve finished with the jar (it won’t take long), keep all the spices in, fill it up with olive oil, and give it a good shake. Perfect salad dressing. GLUTEN FREE.

GLORIOUS GHERKINS Cucumbers pickled in a blend of vinegars and spices. Great as a side dish on their own or chopped up with burgers or hot dogs at a barbecue. Shake the jar now and again to keep the spices moving around.

GREEN PICKLED GARLIC Whole cloves of garlic pickled in a blend of vinegars and spices. If you want to impress your guests, use these in your cooking. If you want to get rid of your guests, eat whole straight from the jar and BREATHE. Very popular with Chinese customers living in England … entire festivals in parts of China are dedicated to green garlic. It’s nice to give them a taste of home!

CHEEK-BURNING CHILLIES Hot hot HOT!!!!!!! I have seen grown men cry after eating these. Scotch Bonnets pickled in two different vinegars. Chop them up and add them to a stir-fry or a salad, or infuse them in a bottle of olive oil and vinegar to make a spicy dressing. Perfect gifts for that someone we all know who claims nothing is ever spicy enough for them. Give them a jar and set the camera rolling. GLUTEN FREE

SASSY SILVERSKINS Tasty little onions for those too scared to try Auntie Caroline’s Pickled Onions. VERY moreish! GLUTEN FREE

200ml jars of preserves
Lemon quarters preserved in their own juices and spices. Perfect for adding to tagines or stews. I have one customer who likes them in her gin and tonic! GLUTEN FREE

200g jars of chutneys (listed sweet first, then tangy, then mild, then spicy)
AMOROUS APPLE A wonderful alternative to apple sauce … this chutney has so much more depth to it. Made with cider also made in Cirencester by Beard & Sabre. And why is it amorous? Because it’s perfect if you fancy a bit of pork on a Sunday afternoon. Who doesn’t?

PRECIOUS PLUMS A strong, intense flavour, unlike any supermarket plum chutney you’ll find. Full of spices without any heat, this is great with duck. But I like to just eat it with a spoon straight from the jar. GLUTEN FREE

NAUGHTY NECTARINE Sweet and zingy … that’ll be the white wine. Eat with cold meats or straight from the jar for extra naughtiness.

GORGEOUS GOOSEBERRY This chutney is sweet and tangy, and not too spicy … great with cheese or as an alternative to cranberry chutney. AMAZING with pastrami for some reason!

PERKY PORT & CRANBERRY Cranberries slowly simmered in lots and lots of port, and a few Christmassy spices, but I like to eat this all year round. Sweet and tangy. Beautiful with creamy blue cheese. GLUTEN FREE

RAVISHING RED ONION Not too spicy, this chutney is smooth and rather sophisticated, but still has a little crunch. Good with any meats, and especially with lamb. I like to make sausage rolls with this for Christmas Eve. GLUTEN FREE

FABULOUS FARMHOUSE A traditional pickle made of crunchy vegetables with a sweet tang. Perfect with a Ploughman’s or on a cheese sandwich. If someone says they only like Branston’s, give them this.

AMAZING ALE This rich chutney was created in honour of local brewery Corinium Ales’ second birthday in November 2014. With deep flavours, great texture, and a bit of spice, this chutney is great with cheese.

MARVELLOUS MANGO Great with a curry. Not too spicy and not at all sticky like the rubbish you get in a supermarket. My best-selling chutney. GLUTEN FREE

GIGGLY GARLIC Crunchy garlic pickle, perfect with curries. Try with Auntie Caroline’s Marvellous Mango Chutney and Lovely Lime Pickle. May affect your snogging success. GLUTEN FREE

TERRIFIC TOMATO A rich chutney with loads of different kinds of tomatoes, and a little bit of a kick. Good with cheese and also for smearing over chicken before baking in the oven. GLUTEN FREE

POSH PICCALILLI Completely different to supermarket piccalillis, which I find to be too much liquid, and not enough vegetables nor flavour. My piccalilli converts people who think they hate piccalilli. And why is it posh? Because it’s made in The Cotswolds dahhhhling!

PICKLED ONION CHUTNEY All the taste of pickled onions but spreadable on a sandwich. Great with cheese or cold meats. A chutney that’s still crunchy and with a little bit of a kick.

BLOODY MARY CHUTNEY Tomatoes, onions, and celery with everything you’d expect in a Bloody Mary … Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, and lots of fresh lime juice. And of course vodka … not too much but just enough to make you feel a bit naughty. I like this with a cooked English breakfast, bacon roll, or sausage baguette.

LOVELY LIME PICKLE This is the kind of lime pickle you have with a curry — mine has got a kick but you can still feel your throat after eating it. You won’t open it to find an inch of oil on the top … all you’ll get are fresh limes marinated in aromatic spices. Lovely indeed!

CHEEK-BURNING CHILLI CHUTNEY In response to all the people who have asked me for a chutney that will blow their head off … this chutney is HOT HOT HOT but still full of flavour. Good with any hard cheese, and also great to use as a spicy dip!

200g jars of jams
STRAWBERRY JAM Strawberries simmered with lemon juice and only 25% added  sugar.
GOOSEBERRY JAM Gooseberries simmered with cinnamon.

Made by Auntie Caroline’s friends

Prices: I like to keep things simple, so all jars are the same price … £3.50 each or three jars of anything for £10 (except the the honey, which is £4.50; and the Flatulent Family-Size Pickled Onions/Pickled Eggs/Sweet Pickled Red Onions, which are £20 and worth every penny!).